St. Patrick’s Day

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March 22, 2013 by Cinfuldelights

Growing up in a town called Dublin, it’s hard not to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.  There’s a parade, a street festival, and a ton of other things going on all around town.  This year was the 30th anniversary of the celebration and it was one of the biggest ever.  While this year I didn’t sell anything, I did get info on booths and selling for next year.  And the stuff that they have there: hot sauces, flavored balsamic, even a place that sells chocolate covered bacon.  But enough about the street fair and their not-as-delicious food.  Let’s talk about the magic that came out of my kitchen.

While normally I try to fill this blog with pictures of my tasty treats, I have but one for this post.  Why?  Well, all of it was gone before I had a chance to take any pictures.  And on a side note, this party has never really officially been hosted.  Every year I made a corned beef, had a few friends over and that was it.  Slowly over the years it has been growing to the point now, people just show up at my door on Saturday of St. Paddy’s weekend.

The menu is the same as it has been for years too (why change a good thing right?): Jack Daniel’s corned beef, warm bacon slaw, and of course, cupcakes.  While normally I make Guinness Stout cake/cupcakes, this year I stepped it and ALSO made Old Rasputin cupcakes. Image

It’s beer in chocolate, who could complain.  And not to mention, they also looked delicious!Image

Am I right or am I right?  It was all good, just like it is every year.  The friends, the food, the shopping, all of it good.

Lately I’ve been baking a lot of crusty breads, they are sort of amazing and you can make them with almost everything.  Next time, I’ll give you all a little sampling of some of my other kitchen experiments.

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