We’re back (with wedding stuff!)

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October 12, 2013 by Cinfuldelights

Sorry for the extended, unplanned hiatus from the blog but things towards the end of the year tend to get a bit crazy around here.  We have lots of birthdays, parties, and events going on, not to mention the return of football which can  make weekends virtually non-existent.  Anyway, back almost a month ago, in fact, a month ago tomorrow, I did cupcakes and a cake for a dear friend of mine’s wedding.  The wedding was held in San Francisco in a music club which fit the couple perfectly.  It was a fairly small get together, lots of friends all gathered around to celebrate what mattered most, the love of two wonderful people.  While I didn’t myself prepare the food, it was excellent, especially the Asian noodles served with chopsticks in little boxes.  But let’s talk about the good stuff: the dessert.  I created an 8″ round Guinness stout cake with chocolate mousse buttercream for them to cut and two types of cupcakes: Champagne with strawberry buttercream and red velvet with Mexican vanilla buttercream.  I left long before the party ended but when I did leave, there wasn’t much left.  The cake itself was topped with red fondant and christened with Han Solo and Leia on the top, very much fitting for the couple.  So without further ado, here are some pictures:


Champagne cupcake with strawberry buttercream


The presentation


They happy couple


Next week I’ll be filling you in on my upcoming endeavors in my sauce and rub business, our new products, and new ways you’ll be able to purchase them.  That’s all for now! May the force be with you.


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