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March 6, 2014 by Cinfuldelights

These past few months have been crazy! First there was Thanksgiving followed closely by my birthday/Christmas soiree, which was amazing. Festivities included dinner, dancing, and many, many, MANY drinks for about 125 people. But there was no time to rest! Next was Christmas and the New Year and yet another birthday party, this time for our resident taste tester, Rigby.


The dessert table complete with Rapunzel’s tower cake


Flynn and Rapunzel inspired cupcakes


Pascal smash cake which once again did not get smashed

Finally to cap off the crazy, we have a new addition to the family, Oswin. She should be ready to join her sister as a taste tester in about a year.

But enough about me, let’s get to the good stuff. Things are getting back to busy. First up, the Rotary Club of Dublin is hosting an Iron Chef event on April 27 at Mercedes Benz of Pleasanton. Tickets are $45 per person, or $350 for a table of 8. Proceeds from the event will benefit Hope Hospice and Dublin Rotary Foundation. And how can there be food without dancing? Music will be provided by “Better Days” from 5-8. So if you can, come out and support me and enjoy food, fine wines and beers from some of the top local restaurants, wineries and breweries.

Finally believe it or not, SUMMER is coming!! Summer is a crazy time with all of my normal cooking things, but it’s also competition season. I’ll be entering items in the Alameda County Fair again and competing in another Iron Chef competition at the California State Fair. I’m sure there will be more competitions and I’ll be filling you in along the the way, but these are the big two I’m sure about now. And speaking of the Alameda County Fair, my entry last year (that won a first place ribbon) was a suggestion from right here on this blog! So what about it? Have another great idea for a cupcake that is potentially first place worthy? Leave a comment here on the blog or my Facebook page.

Well, thats all for now. Hopefully things have calmed down enough that I’ll be able to fill you in more regularly on the amazing things coming out of the kitchen.

“You’ll never know everything about anything, especially something you love.” Julia Child

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