Tattoos and St. Patrick’s Day

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March 31, 2014 by Cinfuldelights

Wow, what fun and everntful weekend.  Along with the annual St. Patrick’s Day Festival, we also had a tattoo party with my friend and tattoo artist, Sean Dawley, visiting from Hooligan’s Ink in Carson City.

The party kicked off at 2pm Friday with tattooing, chatting, and, of course, eating! With so many friends popping in and out throughout the evening, I went with a classic that not only is tasty but can feed a lot of hungry people: spaghetti.  We had spaghetti, meatballs, and garlic bread, lots and lots of garlic bread. For dessert I made Sean’s favorite mini New York cheesecakes. And the highlight of the evening was the new Jagermeister chilling machine courtesy of my friend Chuck.


With the schedule full of tattoos on Saturday, I was in the kitchen making sure everyone was happy and fed.  Rotating out of the kitchen all afternoon were the dill dip with veggies, sausages, and chips & dip. The big delicious meal was dinner: shredded buffalo chicken sliders with tomatoes, red onions, fresh blue cheese, and cole slaw.  And what better way to compliment those and the beautiful weather we were having than with a fresh corn salad.


Sunday, it was my turn to get tattooed, and why get only one tattoo when you can get two?!?! I got one on my shoulder of Cindy Lou Who and the other on my arm of my 3 grandchildren.  To top of the weekend we had our usual St. Paddy’s dinner: Jack Daniels’ glazed corned beef, bacon and maple syrup cole slaw, and roasted red potatoes.  Dessert was a chocolate raspberry pie brought by my friend Vickie.  By the time the party finally wound down around 8:30, there were 13 tattoos, 2 children arm painted tattoos, and lots of family, friends and good times.

cindy lou




thomas dragon



Even though one busy weekend is in the books, there are many more to come! Stay tuned!

Instead of our usual quote, it’s a quote tattoo from this weekend!image


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