That one Cold Climate movie

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May 5, 2015 by Cinfuldelights

So there’s this little movie out now, don’t know if you’ve heard of it or not, but it’s called Frozen.  Apparently it’s really big with the kids nowadays or something like that?

I’m just kidding, Frozen is HUGE, and if you haven’t seen it or heard of it or at the very least heard someone singing “Let It Go” or “Do You Want to Build a Snowman”, you must live under a rock or something. It’s huge with my two granddaughters, who not only have a birthday right after Christmas (can someone say cheap party decorations?) but also only two days apart. And they both LOVE Frozen. The amount of money spent on Frozen things is too astronomical to even start thinking about tallying. Anyway, the chosen theme for their party this year was indeed Frozen.  My daughter and son-in-law turned the house into a kingdom of Arendelle all their own, to the point where I’m still vacuuming up glitter almost a month later.

There were snowflakes of all colors and sizes hung from the ceiling, the walls, the windows, the mirrors. If it was a surface, it probably had a snowflake on it somewhere. There were also Annas and Elsas hanging from my ceiling and my own little Anna and Elsa running around the house for the day. And for a birthday feast so extraordinary, we had to have some fancy desserts.

frozen table

For people to snack on we had snowman Oreos (they were covered in white candy melts), and snowballs (rice krispies balls covered in chocolate and blue sprinkles). frozen olafs

We also served blue ombre Jell-O squares and of course, cupcakes! The birthday girls got to choose their favorite flavors to share with guests so it was a banana caramel and a chocolate caramel.

frozen cupcakes

Each girl had her own smash cake with the coordinating princess on top, Anna for the little one and Elsa for my little chef.

owincake rigny cake

While the the little one destroyed her cake and even attempted to eat the cardboard drum it was on, Little Chef was less interested in eating the cake and more interested in playing with everyone.

Food was simple. We ordered three pizzas that were set up like a snowman and had some salad to go with it. After all of the baking we had to do, there was no time to work out something fancy to eat. No one seemed to mind, there were 0 leftovers.

And even though it may take me until their next birthday party to get all of the glitter out of my house, the look on the princesses faces in Arendelle was truly priceless, and I was ready to build a snowman.

Elsa: And what’s that amazing smell?

Anna & Elsa: Chocolate!

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