I’m back!!

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February 5, 2016 by Cinfuldelights

Hello again,

I have been on a hiatus for some time, spending time with the grandchildren and family. It is now time for me to get back in the saddle as they say. So let’s do some catch up.

You sometimes hear of people losing their happy and that is what happened to me. I lost the desire to create, to compete and over all in general, to cook. The flip side of me losing my cooking happy was the ability to spend every weekend with my grandchildren. They are my happy, just a different kind of happy. They are living proof that I raised amazing daughters and they are raising amazing kids, my babies.

That being said, I knew it was time to find some motivation. Thus I threw my Christmas / birthday party. Just a little gathering to get my a$$ moving again. Of course I insisted on doing all the food and desserts with the exception of a couple of guest dishes like Vicki’s spinach dip and Jeff T’s salsa or cheese & fruit on a stone slab courtesy of Jeff S.

With 100+ of my friends and family (one in the same) in attendance, a DJ, a disco ball and the fire pit to sit around, the party was a raging success or a rager as they say. The food was amazing and there were zucchini bread goody bags. We had cream puffs with hot pink whipped cream, raspberry chipotle meatballs, jalapeno artichoke dip and an assortment of my hot jellies and much much more. I have been making apricot ghost pepper, habanero mint, jalapeno and apricot jalapeno jellies. It felt therapeutic to be cooking again. Its all good in the hood, my kitchen.

For Christmas we went to our bff’s new house in Disco Bay. There I get to cook all Christmas day, starting with breakfast, assorted apps, dinner and desset. There is nothing I like better (well almost nothing) than to spend time with them when they are home. After Christmas, I get hit with the birthday hammer. Both of my parents and my two grand daughters birthdays all happen within ten days…and right after Christmas!

So this year the party was Pirates of the Caribbean themed. We had items such as cannon balls (meatballs) Jewels for scurvy (fruit) Seaweed dip (spinach dip) Dead mans fingers (cocktail weenies) and Gold doubloons (gold painted oreos). The birthday cake was an island of cupcakes in chocolate with caramel buttercream. The sand was crushed graham crackers. And what’s an island without a buried treasure and dead mans bones. Of course they were candy, I think.


I will be back soon as I have a Star wars party to do! May the force be with you.


“I bake….. Whats your superpower?”


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