March – St Patty’s Day, Weddings, Metal shows and Easter

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April 5, 2016 by Cinfuldelights

It’s safe to say that March is an action filled month. I live in Dublin, CA and St. Patty’s Day is a big thing in this town. It starts off with the Green and White gala Friday night. Saturday morning was the 30th annual St Patrick’s Day parade. I think every little leaguer in the entire Tri-Valley marches in this parade in addition to all the schools, their marching bands, classic cars etc. It’s a great time to see old friends and make new friends.  Once the parade comes to a close, it is time to go to the street fair. Now this street fair normally this draws 50,000 + people over 2 days. Unfortunately this  year was plagued by lots and lots of rain and by Sunday afternoon most of the tents had packed it up. I stayed at home Sunday and make my Jack Daniel’s glazed corned beef, with maple bacon slaw and roasted red potatoes. And what is St Patrick’s day without Guinness. That would be Guinness Stout cupcakes with chocolate mousse buttercream. What you see below you is what happens when there is corned beef left over. That does not happen often but when is does happen, it’s magical. Corned beef hash with an egg over easy on top….it’s pure Heaven.

corned beef hash

Now who doesn’t love a wedding? I was introduced to the bride and groom through a mutual friend. Upon meeting them I wondered where had they been my whole life. We have so many things in common we were both thinking where have you been hiding my new friend. We had a tasting, drank some champagne and they decided to have me do their all of their wedding desserts. The colors were plum and cream. The bride wanted simple. The wedding cake was a Bacardi Gold cake with orange scented buttercream (this won judge’s fave in a comp). There were 3 different cupcakes to be had.  They were spice with vanilla buttercream, raspberry with lemon buttercream and finally orange with raspberry buttercream. All of the cupcakes buttercream were piped in a rose pattern on top. It was safe to say when I came back after the reception, there was not one cupcake in site and the bride and groom (and other still there) were raving. I also will be making them another Bacardi Gold cake on their one year anniversary. Congrats to Patti and Mark!!

wedding dessert table

wedding cake

The Month ended with a Slayer and Testament show at the Warfield in San Francisco. In case you don’t know (?) these are heavy metal bands, and one my oldest and dearest friends is the singer of Testament.  It was a killer show and always a good time with my  extended family.   \m/ \m/   If you get a chance I highly recommend attending this lineup.

Some of the DDP crew after the show:

the gus

March is over and now April shines bright, as in sunlight! Everything is green and the weather couldn’t be better. There will be a tattoo party at the house in April so get ready to look at some great artwork done by Sean Dawley from Hooligan’s Ink in Carson City. Until then…….


“I think every woman should have a blowtorch.”  Julia Child

Show me a man with a tattoo and I’ll show you a man with an interesting past. – Jack London

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