While I was gone…

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November 16, 2016 by Cinfuldelights

Hi there!

As you may have or may not have noticed I have been MIA. Let’s play a little catch up, shall we? Here we go!

We sold our house in the Bay Area to make a move to Northern Cali. Now as anyone can tell you that knows me this has been an extremely difficult transition for me. Some of you know and maybe some don’t but I lived in a tiny little town with an attitude abound, oh wait those are song lyrics. DDP for life!

We moved north to Citrus Heights, twice the house for half the money you know the story. But this place has a pool, a great backyard for entertaining, a bonus room and a bar! I am now 2 hours closer to my hooligan Sean Dawley from Hooligan’s Ink and I live near Blue Nami. Both of those features are a win win in my mind. Not to mention I live within a few blocks of 3 out of 4 grandchildren. Now if I can get the 4th one and his parents up here all will be good in the hood.


Ithe new house there is a great kitchen with the exception of an electric stove and ovens. I will need to relearn how to cook electric for the time being. The electric ovens and the stove are due to be replaced around the first of the year or when I hit the lottery, whichever comes first. And that all can happen none too quick.

The year of Hell, this is the year known to all as 2016. This is one of those years to be put in the books as one of the most trying, the most emotional and most heartbreaking years ever! I have lost life long friends, life long friends have lost children, husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, parents and the year isn’t over yet. But almost, I can see the finish line of 2016  it’s so very close.

Right now there is a fair amount of uncertainty in my life. I am in a town with only 1 friend, but what a great friend she is. Yes I am talking about you Wendy. For a social butterfly like me this is dramatic. I am looking for a full time job, need to make my garage kitchen friendly and I need to start npw. I need to find a local watering hole like Evies with my kind of people. Now you may ask what are my kind of people? Friendly non asshole people. They are not judgmental. They could be easy going tattooed biker rocker types that love hockey, Raider football and food.

With all these changes going on it seems I have lost a little of the love of the kitchen and it I need to find my happy again.I am going to start with researching things in Nor Cal, but not to worry my homies in the East Bay I am still available should you ever need anything. Then the research will turn towards jellies and jams, bottles and labels. I will challenge myself (Vegan and Diabetic) with new ideas. I am getting new tattoos. Hear that Sean Dawley. And yes there’s plenty room left.

bdk bday

Until we meet again……..


“There is no love sincerer, than the love of food”  George Bernard Shaw.

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