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October 4, 2018 by Cinfuldelights

Hello all,

I want to start by saying I love and miss my extended family more than they’ll ever know. These are the people, my people, I know I can count on no matter what. No judgments and no bullshit. I miss the party’s (tattoo and Christmas especially), the last minute drop by for dinner, the bwapp bwapp of the bikes going by the back of the house on Village or just the non stop companionship I grew to love more than anything. There is no one to bounce my crazy ideas off of, well I do get a 6 years olds perspective whether I want it or not.

So I am back and ready to conquer my  little corner of the world. With the move comes different city laws and different county laws. Now I need to refile my paperwork and get new business licenses. This means a lot of research, planning, expenses, research – oh I already said that! I need to decide whether or not to rent a commercial kitchen as needed (which for jellies and jams that would come in handy) and then locate said kitchen. I do know there are some bakery’s that have stations for rent by the hour or when they are closed to the public so there’s always that.

Now I move onto looking for and securing packaging, bottle suppliers and pricing. Then comes marketing, liability insurance apps and the list keep growing.

In the meantime……… I have a new granddaughter Bradbury Susannah. She is named after Ray Bradbury and Susannah from Stephen Kings Dark Tower series, my all time 2 favorite authors.


As you can see I’ve  been quite busy with the grandchildren, well busy watching them grow and thrive. They swim, they giggle, they fight with me and each other and I love it. Some days I miss my hood (Dublin) so much my heart hurts but then Ozzie hugs me (she can tell when I am down) and says “I love you grandma” and it makes my heart melt.


What I’ve been up to:

Last year a friend of mine was diagnosed with breast cancer. I participated in the fundraising event and here are a few pictures. I am overwhelmed and so happy to say she is in remission and kicked cancers ass! Elisa and mike are now going to be grandparents for the first time and I couldn’t be happier for the entire family.


Recreate your life always, always. Remove the stones, plant rose bushes and make sweets. Begin again.

Cora Coralina

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